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A Future Proof End-to-End Solution

Companies worldwide have excellent tax expertise but struggle to future proof their offering.
Too often their tax specialists and developers get lost in translation, it is unclear how to incorporate changing legislation and hosting & maintaining the existing applications is a hassle.

At Aeco we built a framework that enables us to quickly and accurately develop tax technology tools to provide an end-to-end solution for your business.

our technology framework

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Automate Document workflows

Productize tax Expertise

Leverage available data

Gain a competitive advantage

Develop a digital offering

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Getting Started

A solution for your needs

Custom made tools
have never been so easy

Develop custom made tax tools in no time and offer your clients a unique experience. Discover how your business can benefit by leveraging our tax technology framework and our multidisciplinary team. Become a tax technology leader and:

  • Provide tailor-made advice at scale

  • Discover new revenue streams

  • Empower your tax specialists

Get started quickly
with our ready-made tools

Not sure where to start? Take a look at our ready-made tools. Once you know what you want you can:

  • Personalise the tool to your organisation's branding

  • Integrate the tool in your digital flows

  • Expand your digital offering

Integrate with our API

Does your organisation have an internal IT department, but do they lack legal and financial knowledge? Then our Tax API is a perfect fit for you. Use our API to perform optimisations and calculations for a wide variety of different situations.

  • Easy to use

  • Always up to date with the newest legislation

  • Test for free


Startit @ KBC

Aeco was selected as a promising startup by Startit @KBC


Aeco is supported by the flemisch department for innovation and entrepeneurship

Leverage our Technology framework

Boost your business by leveraging our technology framework. Our in-house developed technology quickly converts the newest tax legislations into valuable tools.

Legislation as code

Use our tax-API to quickly transform tax rules into code.

Always up to date

Our team helps you keep your tools up to date.

Document Engine

Automatically create stunning documents with our document engine.

Automatic Emails

Send reports directly to your clients with our automated email handler.

Our technology to implement legislation as code is patent pending

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